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RareMeatGames #PlayItForward

What’s it all about?

#PlayItForward from RareMeatGames aims to give indie developers, brand new to the market, an opportunity to get seen. Our goal is to give first timers a boost in visibility, because we know how daunting it can be releasing your very first game to the market. Unfortunately we cannot feature all the games that get suggested on our site, because we do not want to become a site filled with hundreds of games that just end up competing against each other for visibility. We want to feature an intimate collection of games from indies brand new to the scene.

What does it Cost?

It’s Free! Having researched advertising and promotion, we are sure by now you are expecting the catch. Expecting that we might charge you an insane amount of money that you know you will never make back in revenue from your game. No catch, it’s free. And it will always be free. We only ask that you spread the word and #PlayItForward. If everyone takes the time to share a link to our site, or implement the #PlayItForward widget below, everyone will be sharing in the rewards.

How do I get my game featured?

If you are an indie game developer brand new to the indie scene. Drop us a message via the contact form and we will consider adding your game to the site.

Have a better idea?

Your feedback is important to us and we would like to hear your thoughts on how we can further enhance the #PlayItForward concept. By working together and promoting each other we believe that indies can have a larger audience and as a result more downloads! We can by no means gaurantee success, but as an indie developer ourselves, we know that every little helps.

Let us know!

We are always looking for smarter and better ways to help promote new indie developers and to help all their hard work get some well deserved exposure.

Get in contact and leave us your thoughts via the contact form

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